Royal Arch Principals Regalia Set




Royal Arch Principals Regalia Set

This Royal Arch regalia set includes the following products;


1- Royal Arch Principals Apron

This finest quality Royal Arch Principals Apron is manufactured with the combination of imitation and/or genuine lambskin leather, diamond patterned ribbon, hand embroidered triple tau using golden bullion wire and pair of gilt plated metal tassels. There is pocket at the rear and belt is waist adjustable up to 46 inches. Apron’s dark coloured belt is fitted with gilt plated snaked shaped fittings set.The size of the apron is 16 X 14 inches.

2- Royal Arch Principals Sash

This finest quality Royal Arch Principals sash is manufactured using hand embroidered triple tau, 4″ wide diamond patterned ribbon, golden braid fringe made with golden bullion.

3- Royal Arch Principals Breast Jewel

Premium quality Royal Arch Principals breast jewel manufactured using quality metal, gilt plating and white ribbon.

Select Apron Quality:

Standard, Lambskin


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