Mark Provincial Full Dress Regalia Package




Mark Provincial Full Dress Regalia Package

The Mark Provincial Full Dress Regalia Package is a prestigious set of regalia specifically designed for members of the Freemasons holding the distinguished rank of Mark Provincial. This comprehensive package includes all the essential items needed to complete the regalia ensemble for formal ceremonies and events. The package features:

– Full Dress Apron: A regal apron adorned with intricate detailing and traditional symbols, symbolizing the honor and commitment of Mark Provincial members. This apron is specifically crafted for formal occasions, adding a touch of elegance to the wearer’s attire.

– Full Dress Badges: Mark Provincial badges that signify the wearer’s rank within the organization, adding a distinguished touch to the regalia ensemble during formal events.

– Full Dress Collars: Regal collars that complement the Full Dress Apron, enhancing the overall regalia ensemble with their intricate design and symbolism.

– Collar Jewels: Decorative jewels that adorn the collars, adding an extra touch of sophistication and symbolism to the regalia ensemble.

– Apron Case: A protective case designed to store and transport the aprons, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for future use.

The Mark Provincial Full Dress Regalia Package is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, reflecting the rich history and traditions of Mark Masonry. It is a meaningful addition to the attire of Mark Provincial members, allowing them to proudly display their rank and commitment to Freemasonry during formal ceremonies and events.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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