The Mysteries of Masonry (Puzzle Book)


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The Mysteries of Masonry (Puzzle Book)

The Mysteries of Freemasonry


An Educational Masonic Puzzle and Quiz Book

Did the Freemasons build Washington D.C?

Are the Knights Templar still among us?

Is Freemasonry a front for the Illuminatis New World order?

Or is it just a private and charitable social club?

Do candidates drink blood from a skull during their initiation?

Is Freemasonry secretly ruling banks and global corporations?

And what happens with that goat?


Find out the truth about the Freemasons and uncover their secrets through 100 puzzles, games and quizzes.


The puzzles and tests are accessible to anyone, whether a Freemason or not.

Before you start though, I must ask of you: Are you worthy?


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