Living Landmarks of Freemasonry


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Living Landmarks of Freemasonry

The living landmarks of Freemasonry are all around us as we enter a Masonic Temple and the curious mind soon wonders why the Lodge is set out in that particular way, and why the officers adopt a rather antiquated language.

Living Landmarks of Freemasonry is a collection of tried and tested lectures to be performed without the need for rehearsal and will be of great use to those Brethren wishing to address their Lodge or Chapter with a presentation or entertain during the Festive Board. The collection covers Craft, Royal Arch, Mark and Rose Croix treatises and such diverse subjects as:

  • Darkness much more visible
  • Freemasonry under adversity
  • Not just geometry
  • Who was Adoniram?

Making it perfect for the busy Mason to read whenever he has a spare moment.

Paperback, 96pp – illustrated



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