Initiation into Hermetics


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Initiation into Hermetics

Hermetics is a term given to the ancient Egyptian path of magic, self development and self enlightenment. In this volume the author focuses his attention on the practical training necessary for all true magical attainment. Using the four elements of fire, water, air and earth, he teaches the student how to master these forces in the three worlds of the body, soul and spirit and provides detailed training in the entire arcanum of magic. Teachings cover virtually all magical techniques from basic techniques in thought control, meditation and imagination to advanced teachings in astral travel, spiritual healing ,clairvoyance, seeing the aura and creation of talismans.

A complete spiritual path of attainment in one book

Learn to transform and eliminate the negative characteristics of the personality

Master the hidden spiritual forces in nature

Virtually every magical technique covered in one volume


Table of Contents

Forward to the First German Edition
Forward to the Second German Edition
The Picture of the Magician – The First Tarot Card
Initiation I – Theory
The Elements
The Principle of Fire
The Principle of Water
The Principle of Air
The Principle of Earth
The Akasha or Etheric Principle
Karma: The Law of Cause and Effect
The Human Body
The Body
The Occult Anatomy of the Body
The Physical-Material Plane or the Physical-Material World
The Soul or Astral Body
The Astral Plane
The Spirit
The Mental Plane

Initiation II – The Practice of Magic
Step I
Magical Schooling of the Spirit
(1)  Though Control
(2)  Thought Discipline
(3)  Mastery of Thoughts
Magical Schooling of the Soul
Introspection (Self-Cognizance)
Magical Schooling of the Physical Body
The Material or Carnal Body
The Mystery of Breathing
Conscious Intake of Nourishment
The Magic of Water

Step II
Auto-suggestion or the Secret of the Subconscious
Magical Schooling of the Spirit
Magical Schooling of the Soul
Magical Schooling of the Physical Body

Step III
Magical Schooling of the Spirit
Magical Schooling of the Soul
The Fire Element
The Air Element
The Water Element
The Earth Element
Magical Schooling of the Physical Body
The Practice of Accumulation of Vital Energy
Addendum to Step III
(1)  Room Impregnation
(2)  Bio-magnetism

Step IV
Magical Schooling of the Spirit
Magical Schooling of the Soul
Magical Schooling of the Physical Body

Step V
Magical Schooling of the Spirit
Magical Schooling of the Soul
Magical Schooling of the Physical Body

Step VI
Magical Schooling of the Spirit
Magical Schooling of the Soul
Magical Schooling of the Physical Body
Conscious Creation of Elementals

Step VII
Magical Schooling of the Spirit
Magical Schooling of the Soul
Magical Clairvoyance
Magical Development of Astral Clairaudience
Development of Astral Clairsentience
Magical Schooling of the Physical Body
The Act of Creation
Magical Animation of Pictures

Magical Schooling of the Spirit
Magical Schooling of the Soul
The Great Now
The Electric and Magnetic Fluids
Control of the Electric Fluid
The Inductive Method
Control of the Magnetic Fluid
The Inductive Method
Control of the electric Fluid
The Deductive Method
Control of the Magnetic Fluid
The Deductive Method
Magical Schooling of the Physical Body
Magical Influence through the Elements
Influence through the Fire Element
Combustion or Burning
Influence through the Air Element
Influence through the Water Element
Influence through the Earth Element
Fluid Condensers
The Preparation of a Simple Fluid Condenser
The Compounded Universal Fluid Condenser
The Life Elixirs
The Preparation of a Solid Fluid Condenser
Preparation of Magic Mirrors

Step IX
Magical Schooling of the Spirit
Practice of Clairvoyance with Magic Mirrors
Loading of the Magic Mirror
The Magic Mirror as a Gateway to all Desired Planes
The Magic Mirror as a Communications Link
between Living and Departed Human Beings
Employment of the Magic Mirror as an aid to Contacting Powers, Beings etc.
The Magic Mirror as a Means of Influencing Oneself or Others
The Magic Mirror as an Instrument of Emanation
for the Impregnation of Rooms and the Treatment of the Ailing
The Magic Mirror as a Transmitter and Receiver
The Magic Mirror as an Instrument of Defense against Harmful and Undesirable Influences
The Magic Mirror as a Mechanism of Projection of all Energies, Powers, Forces Beings and Pictures
The Magic Mirror as a Television Set
The Magic Mirror as an aid to Study the Past, the Present and the Future
Magical Schooling of the Soul
Conscious Separation of the Astral Body from the Physical Body
Impregnation of the Astral Body with the Four Divine Fundamental Attributes
Magical Schooling of the Physical Body
Treatment of the Sick through the Electromagnetic Fluid
The magical Loading of Talismans, Amulets and Precious Stones
The Realization of a Wish through the Electromagnetic Spheres in the Akasha (Volting)

Step X
Magical Schooling of the Spirit
Magical Schooling of the Soul
Communications with Deities
Magical Schooling of the Physical Body
Brahma and Shakti
Mass Hypnosis of the Fakirs
Thought Reading or Mind Reading
Influencing the Memory
Working in the Akasha
Room Impregnation from a Distance
Messages through the Air
Magical Invisibility
Practices with the Four Elements
Levitation Phenomena
Natural Phenomena
Power over Life and Death



Excerpt from Initiation into Hermetics

© All rights reserved.


Whoever may believe that he has found, in this book, a collection of recipes through which he can effortlessly obtain honor, fame, wealth and power or the means to annihilate his enemies should be told that eventually he will disappointedly put this book aside. Many sects, religious and the like, as well as schools of thought such as philosophy, understand nothing more under the word “magic” than sorcery and conspiracy with the dark forces. Therefore it is not surprising that many people are somewhat apprehensive at the mere mention of the word. Prestidigitators, illusionists, charlatans, so-called stage magicians and whatever else they may be called often misuse the concept of magic, which circumstance contributes immensely to the fact that magical knowledge has always been regarded with a certain contempt. Since time immemorial the Magi were always considered to be the highest initiates; the word “magic” originated from them. The so-called sorcerers are not initiates; instead they are only imitators of the Mysteries who exploit the ignorance and gullibility of the individual and of an entire nation in order to achieve their selfish goals through deception and dishonesty. The true magician despises any such actions. Magic is in reality a sacred science. It is, in the truest sense of the term, the knowledge of all knowledge, because it teaches us how to understand and utilize the universal laws. Whenever you are dealing with true initiation, there is no difference between magic and mysticism or any other similar concepts, regardless of whatever names may be used by the prevailing ideology. It must be proceeded with on the same basis in accordance with the same universal laws. In consideration of the universal laws of the polarity of good and evil, of active and passive, of light and shadow, any science can be employed for good or evil purposes. For instance, the actual purpose of a bread knife is to cut bread, but it can become a dangerous weapon in the hands of a murderer. Everything depends upon the characteristics of the individual. This principle applies to all areas of occult knowledge. In my book, I [Franz Bardon] have chosen the term “magician” for the student as a symbol of his aspiration toward the highest initiation and the highest knowledge. Many readers are probably aware that the Tarot is not a game of cards serving mantic or prophetic purposes. Instead it is a book of initiation in which the greatest secrets are contained symbolically. The first card or first page of this book introduces the Magician, who represents the mastery of the elements and offers the key to the first arcanum, the secret of the ineffable name Tetragrammaton, the Kabbalistic YOD-HEH-VAU-HEH. Here we find the gate of initiation for magicians. The reader of this book will realize how meaningful and how universal the application of the first Tarot card really is. In no other book that has been published so far has the true sense of the first Tarot card been so clearly described as in this work. This system is structured with the greatest of care and with the utmost circumspection; it is not a speculative method, but the positive result of thirty years of research, practical exercises and repeated comparisons to many other systems of the various lodges, secret societies, and Oriental knowledge which are only accessible to especially gifted individuals and to the chosen few. It is – nota bene – from my own practical experience destined for the use of many. All my students have proved it to be the best and most usable system. This does not mean, nor do I [Franz Bardon] make the claim, that this book answers all questions about magic or mysticism. If everything were to be written down about this high knowledge, it would encompass many volumes. It can be said that this work is actually the entrance to true initiation – it is the first key of utilizing the universal laws. There is no question that you will find fragments of Hermetic knowledge in the works of various authors, but the reader will hardly find a single book which describes the first Tarot card in as much detail as this work. In every step of this course of instruction, I [Franz Bardon] have made every effort to be as intelligible as possible in order to make the greatest truths accessible to everyone. To express the truth in simple words so that it is understandable to everyone has been a very difficult task. I leave it to the reader’s judgment as to whether I have succeeded in this endeavor. In several instances I found it necessary to intentionally repeat certain statements in order to underline especially important sections and also to save the reader the time of searching for it. In the past, there have been many complaints by those who are interested in the secret sciences, as well as students of the occult sciences, who were given no opportunity to be initiated by a personal master or guide (guru), and thus true knowledge was only made accessible to the especially gifted or talented. Many true seekers have had to search through many volumes of books to obtain here and there a glimpse of a pearl of truth. Whoever is serious about his own development and who does not pursue this sacred knowledge out of pure curiosity or for the satisfaction of his own desires will find this work the proper guide to initiation. There is not one incarnated initiate, no matter how high-ranking he may be, who can offer more to the neophyte than what is offered in this book. Should the honest student and the attentive reader find in this book what he could not find in any other work, then this book has completely fulfilled its purpose.



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