Finding The Mark


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Finding The Mark

Edited by

Richard L. Gan


Professor Aubrey Newman


A complete guide to the Mark Degree, Finding The Mark consists of easy to read, in-depth and researched lectures from the Grand Stewards Lodge. Written by a number of distinguished Masonic scholars on a diverse range of subjects relating to Mark Masonry as a whole, this book is a complete guide to the Degree and it is hoped that all Mark Masons will find the lectures of interest.


The Lectures contained in the book are:

In the Beginning….;

MW Bro the Revd Canon GR Portal, MA: from rebel to ruler;

The Invention of a Mark Province,1858-1894;

Spirituality in Mark Masonry; A Presidents

Life; Per Ardua ad Dignitatem Meritam

The confluence of the Craft and the Mark;

The Mark Grand Stewards and their Lodge;

From Babylon to Jerusalem:

The Narratives of Early Mark Rituals;

The Pictorial Heritage of the Golden Age of Mark Masonry;

Chiselling towards Truth: a sharper edge in Mark History and Meaning;

Nailer, Jailer, Warder, Sailor: John Francis Dorrington, Grand Commander;

The Rt Hon William Wither Bramston Beach, M.P.,

Grand Master 1866-69 A shining light in Freemasonry;

Thomas Meggy: A charitable life captured in print; The Coming of Age of English Mark Masonry;

R. M. Handfield-Jones: the Man, the Medic and the Mason.

The Contributors are:

John Acaster; David Aspinwall; Keith Carmichael; Diane Clements; Dr James Daniel; Richard L.Gan; Dr Roeinton Khambatta; The Revd Michael Morgan; Professor Aubrey Newman; Rod Taylor; Dr John Wade; and Peter Glyn Williams.


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