A Handbook for The Freemason’s Wife


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A Handbook for The Freemason’s Wife

Have you ever wondered why men want to be Freemasons? How do they become one and what does it involve?

Everyone has heard at least one thing about the Masons – good or bad – but what is the truth? Written by the wives of two well-established Freemasons, A Handbook for The Freemason’s Wife aims to give a simple and straight-to-the-point guide to the basics of Freemasonry, steering the reader through the initially bemusing concepts towards a clear understanding of the path of moral learning the men folk will be involved in. It demystifies the myths and puts paid to the rumours and in doing so helps make the reader feel reassured, more knowledgeable and respectful of a wonderful Craft.

Whether you are the girlfriend, wife, partner or close relation of a Freemason or Freemason-to-be, you will find within this light-hearted book the answer to almost every question you will initially need to know about Freemasonry. From the initial queries about becoming a Mason, to the role of “Lady” at Ladies Night, the answers and suggestions are here.

A perfect book for every Freemason’s wife!

Binding Hardback Format 210 x 148 Extent 112 pages


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